AspireOS codename "Who Made Who"

Date 23-Nov-2011 17:11:48
Topic: Software News

I'm proud to give you another update of AspireOS.

So what is in this update.

Many fixes to Wanderer.
Now possible to drag and drop to asl. requester.
Now possible to mount ISO from DOpus
New system files.
New games inkluding Beret.
Config. updates to some programs.
New DosBox version.
Updated system files.
PxDrum - drum mashine
Most mediafiles will now be played clicking on icon.
New wallpapers.

AspireOS is first of all for ACER Aspire One owners, but there are simelar hardware it will work nice with like most ASUS and Samsung netbooks. More about that in the hardware page at

If you don't have optical driver or want to install it yourself I have a great offer you can take advantage of.

More about that here:

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