New version of GngeoNG OS4 MOS ported and improvement by HunoPPC

Date 28-Nov-2011 19:51:50
Topic: Software News

New version of GngeoNG ported and improvement by HunoPPC
Much faster, much more stable and a lot of corrections to the GUI
Two Versions: AmigaOS4 and MORPHOS

AmigaOS4 version is here:

change in 0.8.1 AOS4 (code name "NG") By peponas and HunoPPC
- Increase speed on the GUI for loading and using a menu (60% fastest).
- Vsync has deleted now (problems with doublebuffer on AOS4).
- Fix crash on loading savestate function (Z80 error), force libération of 68K emulation.
- Now support a samplerate 44100, added on a menu.
- Fix support 2 Joysticks (i added "args" on gngeorc on folder "conf")
- New fix for SAVE STATE (please delete your old Save state on "data" folder, not compatible with this new engine.
- New folder "savestate" for all save of SAVE STATE
- Fix save config file "gngeorc" on folder "conf", now writing correctly your saved prefs.
- changed a text on error request
- Fix and write a new code -> prefs config for individual game and add new PATH on prefs (confpath:), new global prefs for individual game "gngeogamerc".

Morphos version is here:

change in 0.8.1 MORPHOS First release (code name "NG") By peponas and HunoPPC
-Fix libération ressource
-Fix save all config, writing new routine
-Fix all error on libzip
-Full support render software, no support opengl render.

Thank you for all your feedback and your support for my personal motivation and good NeoGeo games.

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