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Date 5-Dec-2011 22:07:53
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Christoph and Sébastien Poelzl, two nice representatives of RMS-Communications have made a project of interactive terminal based on Hollywood under MorphOS. It consists of a touch-sensitive screen of 22 " using the driver Poseidon under MorphOS installed on a Mac mini 1,5GHz.

This border is in commercial service in the private hospital Bois-Cerf (Wood-deer, link for English website) in Lausanne (Switzerland). Here are other views included 2 of the terminal :


It presents to the patients and the visitors the works of enlargement in an interactive way thanks to a Hollywood application.

This project of interactive terminal enters within the framework of a much more important project which will have to implement touch-sensitive screens which can go to 42 " and even beyond. They can be proposed on various markets and could be placed in luxury hotels, tourist information offices or/and in other private or public complexes.

In parallel RMS-Communications has commissioned and collaborated with Andreas Falkenhahn of Airsoftwair to develop a Hollywood concept/application on IPad.

Reminder of the communiqué of 25-09-2011 11:02 :

“Hollywood has recently been ported to the iPad (ARM architecture) by order of a commercial customer who needs to use it on tablet devices in clinics and hotels. A small demo video of Hollywood running on iPad has been uploaded to : YouTube. Unfortunately, it will most likely not be possible to integrate iPad support into Hollywood's cross-compiler because of several technical and legal restrictions that iPad apps are subject to. For commercial customers, however, we can now offer several solutions to get their Hollywood projects converted into iPad apps"

And it is not finished, as Christoph, of RMS-Communications, works in close collaboration with Andreas Falkenhahn, Hollywood Designer's developer, he has the privilege of betatesting his products. On the occasion of the Alchimie 111111 in France he received the authorization to show the next version of Hollywood Designer 3.1.

About RMS-Communications:

RMS-Communications is known and recognized as an innovative agency at the level of the advertising and the communication in Swiss French. Where it distinguishes itself it is to work with MorphOS operating system (on Pegasos and Mac). It involves a lot on developing the system and the programs.
On the other hand, it was already noticed by collaborating with RELEC on some events. It moreover received the first "Communication and offer of service Trophy" during the “Multimedia Exhibition of Colmar” (France) in 2009 for the development of its new software package of type ERP's management, presented on MorphOS. The jury of Colmar has been convinced by all the alternative advantages of MUIBase ERP: cross-platform, portable, very friendly and smooth graphic interface for a complete solution and sold in moderate costs in SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) : Feature article, unfortunately only in French.

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