Monthly Page 19 & Website Update

Date 21-Dec-2011 13:03:16
Topic: Internet News

Dear Amigans,

FIrstly Monthly Page 19 is out :

- Interview with JahcSoft (Article by Gebrochen)
- Coming Out Of The Shell Part 3 (Article by Hypex)
- Some advert pictures.
- Top ten downloads OS4depot.

You can find it for download here :

Secondly :

OUt entire Links section has had a heap of links added, IF ANY fellow AMIGAN wants their website added to our LINKS feel free to notify me and I'll add you.

Amiga Links and MorphOS links updated, still more to follow during the coming holiday season, im sure I'll find some time to add more software to buy and freeware for both AOS and MOS!

Thirdly :

New person will be with us, Nuno, as Assistant Designer in the new year sometime.

Fourthly :

Various pages on our site have had an Update

Enjoy the read of Monthly PAge 19 - COurtesy of the BlitterWolf Team

Happy Holidays and see you all in the new YEar


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