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Date 25-Dec-2011 22:43:21
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Earlier this month we could read some great news from RMS-Communications, a company using Hollywood Designer to produce commercial software. As a follow up I would like to write an update from Ferrule Media another proof of concept that it is indeed possible to make commercial software using Hollywood Designer and OS4.1.

Ferrule Media now offers three products developed using the excellent Hollywood Designer. Our main product Dental Info 4.5 has evolved to become the market leading information-software used by dentists in Norway. Even if most of our customers are private dentists, two counties ordered the software in 2011 and will use it at all their public dental healthcare-clinics. Dental Info was also ordered by The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Bergen, to be used by students at Department of Clinical Dentistry.

Recently the Danish division of Plandent, one of the most important dental suppliers in Europe, secured the rights to market and sell Dental Info in Denmark.

The infochannel Dental Kanal is offered running on Sam-machines from Acube. Our new product Dental Web was also partly made with the help of Designer. Hollywood Designer offers the clever option to convert presentations into .avi-files. This way it was very easy to adapt the content of our infochannel to be used on web pages.

Our Norwegian homepage has been updated with information about all three products visit it at

None of these products would have been possible without the amazing support from Andreas Falkenhahn of Airsoft Softwair. We have been very lucky to work closely with him the last few years. As an example Andreas has developed an integration between Dental Info and four different dental journal systems. He is very professional and never misses a deadline. We can surely recommend him to everyone looking for a freelance coding expert.

The Amiga community finally seems to be growing. Os4.1 is developed and improved at a steady pace, and new hardware is coming. Im also certain that Airsoft Softwair will continue to surprise us all with new features in Hollywood. Let us hope that the year 2012 will bring a lot of people back to the Amiga.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Torgeir Vee
Ferrule Media

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