SketchBlock - Digital Sketching for AmigaOS4

Date 28-Dec-2011 2:17:39
Topic: software OS4

I'm proud to announce the prototype release of my new app SketchBlock

Get it here

SketchBlock Version 1.1 (prototype release)


This a initial release of a proof of concept / prototype of a new paint package for AmigaOS 4 called SketchBlock.

The prototypes supports layered images with variable opacity, and supports graphics tablets.


AmigaOS4.1 Update 4
AISS 4.12


Unpack archive.


Run from shell


Source code is provided for reference purposes only. The project is *not* open source. You may read the source code and use it to inform or inspire your own project, but you may not build or release a binary version of SketchBlock, modified or otherwise.

The right not to include source code in future releases is reserved.

Have fun


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