Update for AROS Broadway is available

Date 4-Jan-2012 12:44:15
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it took a while and to be honest wasn't planned at all.

AROS Broadway started as main AROS distribution for the AresOne but wasn't (and is still not) restricted to this hardware.

Some may know, most may not, I am working on AEROS a new distribution which is sort of a "hybrid" between Linux and AROS hosted.

Because of real life I had not much time to work on the native Broadway version, and I have decided to stop working on this besides AEROS.

The fact that "Broadway hosted" differs too much in terms of configuration and included applications had forced me to this decision.

I have Broadway 0.6 on my harddrive which will be released as soon as EMULA and SCALOS are ready. I am a sort of Adrian Monk and like to work as described in a roadmap ; )

What I will deliver for Broadway are system and application-updates via up2date.

No new apps will be included but some will be replaced by others with same or better functionality.

Update 2012-001
Brings Intel nouveau support, all AROS paper cut fixes until yesterday.

How to install:
Click in quickstarter (the dock) -> tools ->up2date

A requester will appear which tells that Update 2012-001 is available and weighs in at 8MB.

Click ok.

Wait until another windows tells you that your system is up2date.

Have fun.

An old video showing how to update Broadway:


Future of AresOne, AEROS, AMC and Emula

The AresOne project will be continued and optimized.
(Goal was and is to deliver a ready to go AROS compatible system)
It is available via Vesalia Amiga dealer

AEROS will be first available as "beta" via the Ares Zone.
You can't register it, I will invite "you".

"you" is everyone who
1. Bought an AresOne from me or Vesalia
2. Bought AMC or A-live in the past
3. Is registered on www.ares-shop.de
4. Contributes to AROS

It is enough to fulfil one of the above points


In the meantime I had a discussion on a German Amiga board about making solely a 64-bit edition of AEROS (64bit Linux, 32Bit AROS on top)... well this would exclude a lot of people. So I changed it again to 32-bit BUT only for a short period!

Like CUSA I won't give support for anything else than AresOne or EfikaMX systems.
Efika MX is the next good point.

I do believe that ARM is the future... well it is not an i7 but it is already "more than enough computing for everything". With upcoming PUAE or UAE4ALL, (damn there is already a working Dreamcast emulator ) I think ARM can bring every retro geek a cheap and still fast enough platform for his hobby.

So whatever I do, I will do it with ARM in mind... and be sure:
As soon it delivers the experience I want, I will ditch x86 completely, ok except for CAD

Oh.. Fabio is working on an complete rework of AMC, the Amiga Media Center!

And EMULA is coming too!

If you like you can have a look at the AROS news section of:

http://aresone.de/ in order to get some info about AEROS.

SO... i wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

Youtube channel

I can also run AmigaOS 3.9 only on AEROS and achieve the same effect as shown with AROS... AmigaOS XXXL anyone?

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