Patch 02 brings all papercuts fixes and AROS KickStart to Icaros Desktop 1.3.3

Date 9-Jan-2012 20:41:52
Topic: software AROS

A new patch for Icaros Desktop 1.3.3 is ready. It updates AROS system files to Jan 8, 2012 and adds two important features: all fixes to Wanderer from the paper-cuts initiative, and direct compatibility to Amiga M68K games and demos on ADF files, thanks to the free AROS M68K KickStart replacement. More informations and download locations on the Icaros website at

What's new since patch 01

- all Paper-Cuts initiative bug fixes now included
- added transparency to icons while dragging them
- added support for AmigaOS 4 format icons
- added the iconify function
- comments now work as expected
- view mode for drawers can now be snapshotted
- fixed dragging of icons in detail view mode
- icons don't overlap anymore in plain mode
- icons don't "jump on the left" anymore when dragged
- dragging icons on left-out icons don't crash the system anymore
- fixed background of icons moved elsewhere on the desktop
- some little fixes for LiveUpdater
- added AROS M68K Kickstart replacement to AmiBridge
- AmiBridge has been modified to support AROS Kickstart

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