XVS Library (33.39) released and Virus Help Denmark are back up

Date 12-Nov-2002 16:34:43
Topic: Software News

Georg Hoermann has just released a new update of to his xvs.library. This library is used by many programs to recognise and remove a vast majority of todays Amiga viruses. The update can be found on the Virus Help sites, including the old Virus Help Denmark site which was closed while a new server was found for it.

Changes since xvs.library 33.38

  • Added size check to bootblock virus recognition in xvsCheckFile().

  • Any files bigger than 2048 bytes will no longer be tested for bootblock viruses to avoid fake recognitions inside disk-images.

  • Finally fixed the last MuForce hit ($c0.w) in xvsSurveyMemory(). Thanks to Sensei again for the report and Zeeball for further suggestions on this topic.

  • Fixed severe bug in 'Illegal Access' recognition code that caused crashes on any files with virus-like hunklengths. Thanks to Zeeball for the report and the example files.

  • Added 'NoName (196 Bytes)' linkvirus and 'XFD Infiltrator' virus. Thanks to Zeeball for sending them.

  • Fixed problems with native MorphOS applications that directly call xvs.library functions. Thanks to Harry Sintonen for the report and for further help.

  • Implemented custom Disable() function that prevents loss of data on the serial port during xvsSurveyMemory() calls. Thanks to Christian of CAPS (www.caps-project.org) for the report and the excessive beta-testing!

  • xvsSurveyMemory() now closes TCP ports opened by several viruses.
    These currently are: 1666, 2000, 2001, 2227, 2333, 2421, 2551, 4097 and 9876. Please note that closing an open port doesn't cause a virus report, it just happens!

  • Once again improved the internal security stuff for less timing problems with sensitive software (serial.device still has trouble with 115200 baud on a MC68030, use 8n1.device instead!).

  • Added 'Neurotic Death' viruses (6 versions) to xvsSurveyMemory() and the installer files to xvsCheckFile().

  • Added new developer files created by Dirk Stöcker. Thanks a lot and sorry that I forgot to add them to the last release.

  • Added installer script written by Dave 'Targhan' Crawford. Thanks a lot for this contribution.

Download XVS (33.39) (91,362 bytes LhA)

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