PerfectPaint V2.93 is available

Date 29-Jun-2003 14:31:21
Topic: Software News

Paint, Anim and manipulate pictures from 1bit to 24bits.

Update: The new version can be downloaded here.

*Fix a bug with the tool: "Copy Stencil to Spare"when you are on the main picture and not on Spare.
*Improve 'Chromatic correction": Blue saturation works well now.
*Improve: Fiber, Stone and liquid effects when *range of color is used.
*New Item in MagicSpray menu: Fill Screen
*Full arexx command for MagicSpray tool
*Little bug fix with the "optimize palette" tool
*Improve Smooth border:
- Add Mask Preview
- Add "Round corner" Effect
*Improve MagicSpray:
- Add Follow axes (Brushes will follow mouse path)
- Add Priority (Each brushes will have priority)
*Improve for UAE/Amithlon/Picasso
- Mosaic effect and TVLace effect
- Twirl gui, TVLace gui, shadow gui
- The way the text go for one buffer to another (A lot of script are now ok)
- Edit Mask in 24bit mode (Much easier to edit stencil under picasso)
*3 new templates (Photo)
*New MagicProject:Keys and Nuts and IceCream (available on PerfectPaint's page)
*Animation effect: CountDown.

PerfectPaint Page

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