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Date 11-Jan-2012 1:26:16
Topic: Announcement

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AmigaOS is crying out for software that allows the user to record what is going-on on their screen.

With YouTube popular as ever - many AmigaOS users want to show off their operating system, and the applications and software available. At present AmigaOS users are expected to point a camera at the screen - this results in making AmigaOS look very un-professional and less appealing to potential customers. This is unacceptable.

This bounty is to produce a screen capturing tool that sets to achieve much higher recording speeds as well as recording audio than current implementations. The software should take complete advantage of new features found in AmigaOS 4.1 and AmigaOS 4.2 (when available) to record the display at the optimum speed.

The developer who accepts this bounty may choose to exploit the capabilities of the Radeon HD graphics card series as found (optionally) in the AmigaOne 500 and (as standard) in the AmigaOne X1000.
The developer should also aim to fully exploit Gallium/Mesa when it becomes available - again to make sure the Screen Capturing Application is realising its full potential.

Proposed features:

Save stream as AVI, MOV and/or other common formats
User can select any screen
User can mark any square of the screen
Software must record sound via AHI
Must record the movement of the mouse pointer
User can choose whether the screen capture is scaled or is record as-is
User can toggle a 'Follow my mouse' mode

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