Jack 2.7 Now Available

Date 13-Jan-2012 20:13:31
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Jack 2.7 Now Available

Mainly an incremently update, some small improvements and bugfixes.

In the About Box: If your system memory (or anything else) is shown incorrectly please type Avail in a shell window and send the results to me via email address or post the results on this news item.

Change Log

* New Application Icon: Thanks must go to Frank Ruthe.
* GUI: Numeric fields are no longer padded with leading zeroes when requested not to.
* GUI: Buttons now have a gradient applied to them in the AmigaOS style.
* GUI: Square brackets can no longer be entered into any text field gadgets.
* About Box: Now shows System and Network Information
* Image Editor: New Button - Open in LoView (if available) - only available when single image selected
* Codebase: Partially updated codebase functions to object functions.
* Slideshow Mode: You can now use the mouse scroll wheel to Zoom In and Out of an image.

* Shell: New Argument -sysinfo
If you are experiencing problems please run Jack from the Shell with this argument and send the results to me at the email address given.

Download/Installation instructions:

* Existing Users - Simply start your current version of Jack as normal and when prompted click the confirmation button to proceed with the download**. Open the Installation Drawer and click on the Install Jack icon - after that simply select the location where you already have Jack installed and the installation is complete.

** Requires Jack to have left OS4Depot's upload queue.

* New Users - Visit OS4Depot and type Jack in the search box. Or use this link: http://os4depot.net/index.php?function=showfile&file=utility/workbench/jack.lha
Make sure the latest version is shown on screen before downloading.

Installation is simple, just press the Install Jack icon and select a location where you would like Jack to be installed. Jack will now appear on your Dockbar.

Please submit all bug reports, suggestions and feedback on: http://bugs.os4depot.net/

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