New Sirena Player 2.00

Date 21-Jan-2012 14:08:37
Topic: software OS4

Sirena Player is an easy program to play music files for Amiga OS4 and Windows, this player support some mod files (Protracker), mp3 and wav files.
Also it is portable and it isnít needs other external files.
This player has a "Vintage style" with a "Pin Up" mermaid called Rosalia and the buttons placed as the old walkman and cassette players even the sound when you touch the button.

New features:

New Rewind and Forward options withstep choose among 10-20-30 seconds.
New Rosalia skin, now the mermaid has covered the breast.
New design button for Loop option.
New button and option for Settings.
New redesign the position for the buttons.
Corrected any bug in the drag&drop option.

Available in the next languages:
1. English. 2. Spanish. 3. Italiano. 4. French. 5. Greek. 6. German. 7. Czech. 8. Polish ISO&AmigaPL.

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