Official OS4OnTour-Sweden pictures

Date 30-Jun-2003 15:12:10
Topic: Events

These are our own pictures, taken during the event. We hope you enjoy them. We had about 80 visitors and the event lasted for about 6 hours straight - and Ben Hermans had a marathon-Q&A-session, perhaps 1,5 hours.

The surprise of this event was that Martin Blom showed up and was available for questions. We had hoped that the Burstroem Brothers (IBrowse) could make it, but they had to cancel, unfortunately. And we mustn't forget the very nice CD that we put together that was given away for free - you can see it at some of the later pictures.
This CD should now be available at other OS4OnTour-shows too.

We'd like to thank everyone who helped make this event a success - THANK YOU!
The companies/people contributing for the CD deserves a big thank you too - Amiga Inc, Hyperion Entertainment, Cloanto, Apex-Designs, IOSpirit, IBrowse, Commodore-One and Individual Computers, AmiAtlas and SimoAmi and Tales of Tamar!

Andreas Loong aka reflect

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