When's next iBatch release ?

Date 25-Jan-2012 16:02:52
Topic: software Classic

... I am not telling you ..., but the next Boingsworld.de Podcast will tell you !

Episode 24 of this podcast will feature an interview with the author of iBatch (which happens to be me, somehow . All details will be in there, in case you are not "into"German language, make sure you check out boingsworld.de website on a regular basis, in order to keep up with the news.

A feature list of release 1.4 will be released soon. There will be many new use- and helpful features.

Next podcast will be available on 1st of February...

about iBatch:
batch renaming and processing for images:
- resize, formatconversion,...
- filename with autonumber, capturedate,....
- EXIF support, Plugin support (create html galleries, slideshows....)
iBatch website

about Boingsworld.de
The Boingsworld.de Team already produces Amiga related podcasts (in german) since 2010. They focus on amiganoid Hardware and Software reviews (Amiga OS 4.x, Amiga Classic, MorphOS, Aros). Besides that, there are a lot of interesting interviews/talks with Amiga VIP's such as Petro Tyschtschenko (Episode 22) etc.

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