AROS printer.device phase 1: Assigned to Jason Mcmullan

Date 27-Jan-2012 13:56:46
Topic: software AROS

printer.device phase 1:
* Use the existing printer.device API
* Support the PRD_RAWWRITE, PRD_DUMPRPORT, and PRD_QUERY commands
* PRD_PRTCOMMAND is not required for phase 1.
CMD_WRITE is not supported
(it would require ANSI escape sequence parsing)
* Writes its output to:
1) A filename specified by the user (via prefs or a pop-up)
2) A pipe to another program (via prefs or a pop-up requester)
* The output is PostScript Level 2 (or lower)
* Select page size as A4, Letter, or custom (in inches or mm)
via prefs
or pop-up

Assigned to Jason Mcmullan

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