iBatch V1.4 Boingsworld Edition released

Date 1-Feb-2012 21:52:53
Topic: Software News

The new iBatch* Version 1.4 is now exclusively available from www.boingsworld.de*. Also exclusive for this "boingsworld release" is an Icon Set created by Thomas "tommysammy" Blatt. Besides that, an exclusive interview with Gero "gerograph" Birkenfeld (iBatch author) had been released as Podcast by the Boingsworld Team (Episode 24). Sadly, the interview was held in german language. iBatch 1.4 can only be downloaded through www.boingsworld.de for two weeks. Later on it will be released on Aminet, iBatch Website and OS4Depot as well. Pdf Docs, infos and screenshots are already available on iBatch Website, of course.

Thanks goes to the Boingsworld.de Team, the translators (Gianluca Girelli, Javier de las Rivas and Tomasz Paul), Simone "Tuxedo" Monsignori for some EXIF "code snippets", Thilo "Wanderer" Köhler (+amiforce.de team) for ongoing support on Amiblitz. Thomas "tommysammy" Blatt and Martin "Mason" Merz for Icons.

However, here are some requests from the author:

- Anyboddy willing to translate and maintain Website into different languages ?
- Anybody willing to translate pdf Docs with Pagestream ?
- Anyboddy willing to program/create a "modern" html gallery/slideshow which could be utilized by an "AddhtmlPro-Plugin" ?
- Translators for iBatch are still needed, especially french.

*about iBatch:
batch renaming and processing for images:
- resize, formatconversion,...
- filename with autonumber, capturedate,....
- EXIF support, Plugin support (create html galleries, slideshows....)
iBatch website

*about Boingsworld.de
The Boingsworld.de Team already produces Amiga related podcasts (in german) since 2010. They focus on amiganoid Hardware and Software reviews (Amiga OS 4.x, Amiga Classic, MorphOS, Aros). Besides that, there are a lot of interesting interviews/talks with Amiga VIP's such as Petro Tyschtschenko (Episode 22) etc.

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