Directory Opus Magellan II Bounty

Date 2-Feb-2012 12:45:24
Topic: Software News

This project aims to collect sufficient funds to purchase the source code of GPSoftware's Directory Opus Magellan II (version 5.82, AmigaOS) for free use under the AROS Public License, a derivative of the Mozilla Public License 1.1.

The purchase will also a include a limited license for the trademark "Directory Opus Magellan" that will grant the right to use it for software running on Amigoid platforms (real hardware or emulated) in general, specifically hardware running the AROS (all flavors including hosted), AmigaOS and / or MorphOS operating systems.
Use of the source code is limited by the AROS Public License and use of trademarks for software running on other operating systems or platforms than specified above is strictly prohibited unless a separate licence has been negotiated.

If the requested sum will be raised and the transfer will be completed, the source will be released and made available on a public SVN page.
Funding Goal: 5600 USD

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AROS Public License

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