HueFlow 0.3 - New fun war mode and now under GPL

Date 2-Feb-2012 18:28:52
Topic: Software News

HueFlow is game based on top rated phone software with some nice features like resizable screen engine, rare hexagonal map mode and unique war mode.

Single Player mode is puzzle game- you need flow all game area with single color using low possible moves. Your goal is just set best score...
New war mode is strategy game. You play with computer and your goal is first take enemy territory using game rules.

Now game is distributed under GPL - in archive you can find source code in PortablE language. I decide change licence (from donationware/giftware)
because I see that not so many users are interested that game type, so better I should develop more interesting software. I lost motivation to continue that project - it bad, but also is good - now with source code game can be improved by other users which can do from it killer app. Source code in PortablE can be good language tutorial for others. Game can be easily compiled for other platforms, especially for Morphos!

Download compiled game for AmigaOs4/Aros from adequate depot. Morphos users: because I'm not able to create package for yours OS, please compile source code and upload game for own MorphOS files respecting GPL licence.


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