A company on the Edge Part II is close

Date 11-Feb-2012 4:13:38
Topic: Miscellaneous News

On the back of the news that there is going to be a book about Amiga by Jimmy Maher out soon, I wrote to Brian Bagnall, author of the On the Edge book to ask when his extended 2nd part of the original book, chronicling the Amiga years of Commodore would be released. He wrote...



Hi Mike,

Thanks for the email. I'm aiming for a late 2012 release, probably October.

BTW The maker of "Viva Amiga" asked if I would appear in the video and we're making arrangements for this. Fingers crossed, maybe we'll get some cross pollination of these projects.




This is great news if we get two Amiga books and a film in the same year. Amiga's Power!

The email was published with the Permission of Brian who is excited we are all still very passionate about the early days of Commodore/Amiga.

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