SMBMounter Updated to V1.0

Date 19-Feb-2012 11:03:04
Topic: Software News

SMBMounter has been updated, and now includes all the features I originally planned to include, so I've bumped the version to 1.0. This version includes many bugfixes, improvements and new features, and is available to download from


SMBMounter is a front-end GUI for SMBFS which allows easy mounting and unmounting of shared drives on other computers on your network which use the Samba / SMB protocol. It can save a list of your shares for later use, and it's a commodity so can be called up via a hotkey to quickly mount or unmount shares. It can also be used to easily mount shared drives on bootup.

Changes for this version include:
- Ability to list and select servers on the local network, and any shares they contain for easy creation and editing of shares
- Better (though still not 100%) support for MorphOS
- Font setting changes no longer require SMBMounter to restart
- Ability to suppress error requesters when hidden. Important for WBStartup automount use when a share might not be available
- Many bug fixes (volume names with spaces, tiny requesters, font size issues...)
- Improved error handling and requester information
- Support for scroll wheel in OS4

SMBMounter is also in the upload queue on Aminet and OS4depot.

A big thank you to all the betatesters here and elsewhere who helped me out with this!

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