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Date 22-Feb-2012 15:25:09
Topic: Announcement

Due to customer requests we just made our Facebook page public today and we have had Twitter for some time.

Like us on Facebook

Follow us on Twitter

And be entered to win cool prizes including a Video Toaster 4000!

Prize List

1. Four Instant Downloads of Aladdin 4D 5.x for AmigaOS/Amiga Virtual Machine.

2. Three Instant Downloads of Millennium for the Video Toaster 2000/4000.

3. If you own a TriCaster VT[5] or SpeedEDIT, a group of FX of your choice, many to choose from.

4. Grand Prize one Video Toaster 4000 for your Zorro II/III Desktop Amiga system.

5. NewsTek Magazine Issue #1 (Cheap!).

6. One AmiZilla Classic Thong

After you Like & Follow us please send a quick e-mail to the link below to be entered to win! Please don't forget to let us know which prize you really want.

DFX Contact

Best regards,
DiscreetFX Team

Even if you don't use facebook or Twitter you can still send us an e-mail and be entered to win in the contest.

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