Open Video Toaster reaches an Agreement with with Visual Inspirations

Date 11-Mar-2012 0:57:25
Topic: software Classic

We are very happy to report Open Video Toaster has reached an Agreement with Visual Inspirations to release all their Amiga Video Toaster software for free on

Get great software that used to cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars for free if you own an Amiga Video Toaster 4000 and/or Flyer.

Visual Inspirations was started by CEO Jeff White in 1993 and initially focused on making the relatively new technology of 3D animation & digital video more automated and accessible on the Amiga Video Toaster Flyer. Clients have included companies such as Warner Bros, Fox, Microsoft, NASA, Ford, and General Motors just to name a few.

In 2008 they turned thier efforts towards video games and ran across the Unity 3D game engine. They found they were able to blend this package and it's ####nal of tools with our own technology to develop games and animations more effectively; they basically built a game engine on top of a game engine!

Look for Visual Inspirations suite of powerful cool Amiga video tools like Control Tower, Decision Maker, some great plugins for ImageFX and more, downloadable for free from soon.

Please check out Visual Inspirations latest games developments via the link below.

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