SMBMounter Update

Date 12-Mar-2012 1:14:12
Topic: Software News

SMBMounter (the GUI & commodity for mounting Samba network shares) has been updated. Version 1.1 includes some bugfixes and a couple of new features from users' suggestions. It can be downloaded from

SMBMounter is a front-end GUI for SMBFS which allows easy mounting and unmounting of shared drives on other computers on your network which use the Samba / SMB protocol. It can save a list of your shares for later use, and it's a commodity so can be called up via a hotkey to quickly mount or unmount shares. It can also be used to easily mount shared drives on bootup.

Changes for this version include:
- Bugfixes for font requester handling code so it doesn't default to Topaz every time
- Bugfix for selecting the incorrect list entry in certain situations
- Fix for issues browsing for servers in certain setups where the master browser is a Windows XP machine
- Ability to sort the lists of shares by name or by server
- Other tweaks, bug fixes and tuning

A big Thank You to everyone who gave me feedback and helped me track down some niggly bugs!

SMBMounter 1.1 is also in the upload queue on Aminet and OS4Depot.

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