AresOne XL and AMC 2.0 teaser

Date 13-Mar-2012 19:08:00
Topic: software AROS

Teaser time
.. it is time for an AresOne 2012 and I will also sell a special AresOne again by myself. Only limited numbers and mostly for fun. But as in the past every income gained by me will be reused for AROS.

Fabio is working on AMC 2.0 (Ami Media Center), this time also MOS will get a build from the beginning.

Running a WIP build on PPC-MacMini

Broadway X will not be called AEROS because it sounds to much like AROS and could bring some confusion to new AROS users.

Broadway X will be freely available from day one of the AresOne XL launch, which will be shortly before the next Amigafuture issue.

So we will have the original AresOne, the AresOne 2011/12 (via and the AresOne XL via More to come..

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