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AmigaWorld - Amiga Community Portal

New Stuff, New Fun. Part 2.

Date 15-Mar-2012 17:54:13
Topic: Software News

Thank you Rupert !

One more amiga developer go via right route, and do steps for unity of all amiga oses by opening all his source codes of his MOS (and lately ported to AOS3) apps. So, AOS4 and AROS users can try to port it as well, and i take a challenge to do it for the AOS4. The name of that developer is Rupert Hausberger, (you can know him as Natmeg) and you can visit his site: to found more info about him and his work.

Pleasant moment is that all of his apps are true amigaos-api native apps, done with all that amiga rulz in mind (small/fast/efficient). So its not usuall ports from unix world, but true amiga stuff.

Those of programms which have a GUI, are MUI based, and that reasson why i port it without too much problems (but still, Deniil help me a bit with rewriting of one, but necessary file. Salsa Cubana !:) ).

Some of apps you can find very handy and usable, like for example MinAD - simple, small, fast and efficient autodoc reader. While we, on os4, already have other autodoc viewers, that one are good as well. Or like CloneCollect - tool which collect files with the same attributes in a given path. Or like amirc-log viewer, which can be handy if you are irc-freak, and want to re-read something in your big-messy logs with fancy tabulation and coloring. But for sure, test them all: i re-test everything many times, make aos4 specific changes where it was necessary and in end of all trying to make quality ports which should have no bugs.

To add, and to avoid any speculation: all the screenshots which you will see there, are done from beta version of mui on AOS4, and show the theme called "ferox", which are copyrighted on morphos, and so, its of course will not included in the new mui for OS4. I just recreate it for myself, just for fun, and as i use it currenly, you forced to see it as well.

In meanwhile i will upload everything on os4depot, but currently just get it all from download links i provide

Lets go:


1. AHIRNG. Random Number Generator via AHI

fullsize screenshot here
download it here

2. ALI. AmiRC Log Inspector.

fullsize screenshot here
download it here

On aos4 i choice to use env:AppDir (initially there is check for env:vapor/amirc_lastuseddir) directory to get location of amirc (firstly it will check for env:AppDir/AmIRC.os4, and if nothing is found, then on env:AppDir/Amirc).

3. CloneCollect. Collect files with same conditions.

fullsize screenshot here
download it here

4. MinAD. Minimalistic Autodoc Viewer.

fullsize screenshot here
download it here

Thanks to Thore we fix nasty bug in the program (bug also happens to be on mos and os3), but as i didnt get any answer from Rupert, read that description from Thore for more details. Expectually if you want to build fixed version for mos/aros/os3.

5. Relax. Control program for 8-bit realy-cards

fullsize screenshot here
download it here

6. rhErase. Secure file eraser.

fullsize screenshot here
download it here

7. rhLaunch. GUI for E-UAE

fullsize screenshot here
download it here

8. SAB. Secure Address Book with AES encryption

fullsize screenshot here
download it here

Command line tools

1. asciiTable. print out the ascii-table in diffent modes
download it here

2. crc128. calculates 128bit crc-checksums
download it here

3. dicpng. compress data into png-images
download it here

4. fixdata. fix files that have a date in future
download it here

5. rhc. a polymorphic cipher
download it here

6. sha256ht. hash a directory with sha256
download it here

7. shapng. sha256 of file to png-image
download it here

I do not know if Rupert in interest about donations (you can ask him directly), but as usuall, i in interest to have donations for porting work. You can do it here. Please dont think that someone else will do it, do it yourself, it keep motivation for real. Even 100$ talks more than any "thanks" in forums and point out that users is really interseted to keep all the stuff alive.

So, one more time DONATE HERE, or just use as paypal account.

And as bonus, i add libptp2 port which used by Rupert for some usb related apps which i not port currently as they depends on the Poseidon internals, but in meanwhile i fond the main page of library, and report it from original sources (that one was very easy). But still its better to have ready to use stuff, so maybe someday some developers will in interest about.

download it here.

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