Payback for GBA - 2nd report posted

Date 12-Nov-2002 16:42:03
Topic: Software News

James Daniels of Apex Designs has posted the second update to the GBA port of PayBack - the GTA styled game released for the Amiga last year.

In this second report, he writes:

Since last time, most of the focus has been on optimising the game (it now goes about 30% faster than before despite the extra features that have also been added) and getting the gameplay up and running. The key advances this month have been:

  • The people, weapons and vehicles are now drawn and move correctly. All of the objects in Payback are fully 3d and the vehicles' shadows follow the contours of the ground.

  • The missions do work, although the status bar is currently unimplemented which makes it difficult to test them at the moment.

  • Special effects, such as the explosions, shockwaves, lens flares and skidmarks, are now working correctly.

  • The code was very buggy before, mainly because of the dramatic recoding of some routines to make them fit in the GBA's memory, but now most of the glitches have been fixed.

The screenshots for the game are looking fantastic, and this is shaping up to be the best game the GBA will ever see.

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