Amitopia TV seeks Amigans for support

Date 25-Mar-2012 6:31:26
Topic: Announcement

Hello Amiga Community!

I welcome you to be a part of Amitopia TV team. The intention is to have a channel broadcasting 24 hours, with break during the night and middle of the day like
a real tv channel.

For now, the show is from 08.00 to 11.00 in the morning, then 15.00 to 01.00 during day.

Amiga News is for now at 20.00 and 22.00, while other programs changes each week.

Programs on Amitopia TV:
Amiga News
- Most recent News in a 8 to 12 min News program
- Program where Contributors of Amigaworld can get their productions from Amiga events, happenings and other shows broadcasted Animated Zone
- Amiga was always known for its 2D and 3D animation programs within Amiga community. This program aims at showing everyone how well Amiga animators were and still is today
- Since the early days of Amiga, music have been the key. Since 1985, people could create 8 bits music, opening creativity in you for sure! Lots of musicvideos from creative persons to commercial actors that allows Amitopia TV to play them, because they have used Amiga for their music creation.
- Something xtra and unique
1337scene AmigaZone
- Amigascene demos for everyone
Movies, Series and Documentaries
- Amiga inventors like Dave Haynie and others have made several Amiga documentaries. Our channel also aims at be able to broadcast the new documentary about Amiga, called Viva Amiga and more. The Mysterious Of Cold will be shown. Lego videos made with Amiga will be shown and other nice things that everyone can be Entertained with. Let our channel entertain and inform about Amiga. Thats its goal for sure.

Size and formats:
The show is broadcasted in 1280x720, which is 720p, but not in highres so that even AmigaOne 500 owners can watch the show. My aim is to be able to broadcast the show in different sizes as many people have different Internet speeds. So I need some help for this to be a reality. I have good net at home, but when I have more than 50 viewers at once, I cant really surf at home :) So, help me! Anyone?

For now the program looks like this!

Monday to Sunday:
08.00: Commodore Amiga History
09.00: MusicBox
10.00: Animation with Deluxe Paint IV
11.00: Program
15.00: Showcase
17.00: Animated Zone
20.00: Amiga News
20.15: AmiReporters
21.00: Commodore Amiga History
22.00: Amiga News
22.15: Impact of Amiga
22.30: Xtravaganza
23.00: Showcase
00.30: MusicBox
00.50: Program (08.00)

If you have creativity in mind, love video editing and wants to either show
of your Amiga creations, or sit on rights that would be good for Amitopia TV to broadcast, then I am interested!

Amitopia TV wants to be a great Stream Service for everyone to see how much creativity and entertainment Amiga people have made during Amigaworld history. All the time since 1985, when Amiga had 8 bits Paula sound. Artists, Musicians and Animators used Amiga and Amitopia TV wants to show this to anyone wanting to know what this Creative Amiga Community is all about.

Please get in touch!:

Lets Entertain the world outside of Amiga and inside Amiga community with what Amiga can best, Entertainment and its Multimedia possibilities which lots of people examined and used which the computing world doesn't know anything about. Amitopia TV wants to be Amigans showcase for everyone.

Amitopia TV also invites Amigakit, Vesalia or any other Amiga company or usergroup to promote on the channel. Get in touch today!:

Hope to hear from you Amigans!

Michal Bergseth
-Amiga Entertainment On Stream 24h!-
-Made with programs for AmigaOS, MorphOS and MacOSX-

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