New AmigaOS4 Drivers For Catweasel Mk4

Date 31-Mar-2012 23:51:51
Topic: hardware OS4

Ian "Spiranthro" Gledhill has posted on that he has made some new drivers (v1.11) available for download for the Catweasel mk4 on AmigaOS4:


A quick heads-up: at my Catweasel page ( I've just put up the latest version of my Catweasel drivers for AmigaOS 4. I've also included the source, and I've already done MOS and AROS in the past, so it wouldn't be too much work to port it to work on those systems either, probably.

Currently supports the following disk formats:
Amiga Double Density 880KB
Amiga High Density 1.76MB
MS-DOS Double Density 720KB
MS-DOS High Density 1.44MB
Apple Macintosh DS varispeed 800KB
Apple Macintosh DS varispeed 400KB
MS-DOS 40 Track DSDD 8 Sectors 320KB
Commodore 1541 (PET/C64/VIC-20/+4 etc.) 35 Track 190KB
MS-DOS 80 Track DSDD 1.2MB
MS-DOS 40 Track DSDD 9 Sectors 360KB
Amiga Double Density 880K 5.25" 880KB
MGT Sam Coupé 800KB
Texas Instruments TI-99/4(a) 90KB
Atari 810 SSSD 90KB
Acorn BBC Micro 40 Track SSSD 100KB
Acorn BBC Micro 80 Track SSSD 200KB
Acorn BBC Micro 40 Track SSSD 100KB 3.5"
Acorn BBC Micro 80 Track SSSD 200KB 3.5"
Sinclair Spectrum MGT +D 800KB
Amstrad CPC / Sinclair Spectrum +3 180KB
Tatung Einstein TC-01/TC-256 200KB
Amstrad PCW 8256/8512 180KB
Atari ST DSDD 720KB
Atari ST SSDD 360KB
Triumph-Adler Alphatronic PC
MS-DOS Double Density 640KB (8 sector)

Instructions for using this with WHDLoad to allow installation of copy-protected disks is all on the webpage.

Any feedback gratefully appreciated. Donations also very warmly welcomed.

As usual: any questions, just ask. Also, if you have a weird disk format I've not supported, it's because I don't have an example of that format. If you can send a disk to me I can probably add support to the next version.

Thanks for reading!

Ian Gledhill

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