Demoscene, Diskmag HUGI #37 for AmigaOS4, MorphOS and AROS

Date 7-Apr-2012 18:47:42
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Demoscene, Diskmag HUGI #37 for AmigaOS4,MorphOS and AROS

The one of the still alive and big diskmags HUGI released few days ago an issue 37, and few days later, on VivaAmiga Party we release an AmigaOS4, Morphos and AROS version !

The issue37 is surpisely full of amiga articles (in previous one, which also avail on os4, here, there was only about 5-7 amiga articles), but in that one, about 30% of all articles done special for or related to. You of course better to read everything, but if you want _only_ amiga related stuff, then:

from HeadLines

Revision 2012 Warm UP: Evens & Releases. What to Expect: chapter "Other Platform releases"
Special Effects in the Moview with Danny of TBL

from Behind The Scene

Desire - Comeback to the demoscene
The Making of "We Come In Peace"
Dismag Galore #2 : chapter about amiga releases
GUI on Amiga today
Amiga in 2012 - Present days
Viva Amiga Party 2012

from Interviews

Blast from the past: Mantronix of Phenomena
Top Personality: Ubik of Elude

from PartyZone

Revision 2011 report
The Amiga 25 years party
BreakPoint 2010 report

And in all the other articles you all the time will mean with meaning of amiga (all in all, demoscene was the one of the strong side of amiga in past), so better read them all.

Add on top of that usuall qualiy music and graphics content done by Chaser, Siatek, Magnar, Chromag, CONS, Romeo Knight, Traymuss, Futuris, Bridgeclaw, Forcer, Dzordan and others. Just have a look at this:

fullsize screen

fullsize screen

fullsize screen

fullsize screen

Don't forget to swith music via keys 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 - every track deserve it (currently if you not swith it manually, the choicen one will plays in the loop. One more to update in engine later).

You can download it here (soon on os4depot as well):

on my http

Enjoy !


Diskmag use Engine called "Panorama", port of which to SDL/FreeType done by Ransom/IRIS some years ago, and lately i just adapt it a bit and fix some bugs. But still, its the same engine based on SDL + FreeType and totally unoptimised. There is no GL backend, on any "native" backend, so you can't expect that diskmag done in 1024x768x32, mainly for x86, in 2012, with a lot of text/images inside, will scrolls ultrasmooth on slow and underpowered machines with slow and unoptimized engine. I hope of course optimise it as much as possible later for next issues, but currently if you want smooth and good expirience, you better have some fast enough HW (i.e. classics, or sam440, or efika will probable not so fancy for engine). On 1ghz its fast enough, but not ultra fast. So the best expirience you get from x1000 (os4), fast macintoshes (mos) and fast x86 (aros). Its all of course will works on even classics, just will be slow. I know, that is not "amiga way", but waiting till i will rewrite engine is even worse in compare, because artilces in the diskmags start to be outdated every month. So better now that dunno when.

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