SketchBlock 1.4 Out.

Date 11-Apr-2012 1:16:55
Topic: software OS4

SketchBlock 1.4 has been available on os4depot for the last 24hours or so, but I've been busy in the studio all day so couldn't post a news item till now...

New in this release:

Many additional layer manipulation functions including:
Flatten Project
Merge Visible
Colour To Alpha
Toggling The Alpha State Of Layers
Import images as a layers via datatypes
And More ...

The Layers List has a icon to display whether or not a layer is transparent or not

Input Wedges
Scripts can be defined and set to listen to input events enabling interractive functionality to be added without need to write full plugins. Two examples, Rexx/Wedges/wedge_lines.rexx and Rexx/Wedges/wedge_boxes.rexx are provided. these add the ability to draw lines and boxes....
Tool Presets have been extended an now support switching tool, and the creation script supports the erase tool.

Many additional ARexx Commands to support the above features.

New default menus

Menu now update autmatically if the prefs file is modified, which enables dynamic addition of new presets etc.

Get it from: Os4Dept

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