Date 12-Apr-2012 15:25:24
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Phoenixkonsole has submitted a news update on some of the various AROS projects that are ongoing (AspireOS, IcAROS, Broadway, etc):

This is a sort of status update.

AspireOS, IcAROS and Broadway have got important updates.
With HTML5 support and the ongoing HTML5 Bounty (please consider a donation / also if you are a AOS4 only user!) AROS hase become a fully comparable OS

HTML5 Video Bounty - please donate

What you can't do with a native one yet you can still do with an 68k one, or with an Webapp in OWB. (DOSBOX and BOCHS are also working)

I consider AROS as a winner OS ; )

Whatever there is still much to do and we are still working with ABIv0.. ABIv1 will bring a lot new work but also a of more possibilities and higher compatibility to AOS.

Broadway has got an update via up2date.. after this i got some requests for a new iso.
I work to get it done in the next 2 days.

Video about Broadway online update 2012-002
Youtube - Live update 2012-002

The ISO will contain newer files and a replacement of many apps and games.

And now.. the most exciting news for me:

A video about latest Cinnamon Writer (quick and dirty)

Youtube Cinnamon Writer 0.801 for AROS

News about Broadway X:
I am waiting and using the time for finetuning until next issue of AmigaFuture.

But we are also experimenting with AMINUX (working title) which allows to boot straight in AmigaOS and offers the same features as AEROS/Broadway X but without AROS.. well AROS 68k would work too. I think some people could be interested in

To allow easy boot selection we are fnishing on "HAL of Fame" (working title and i wanted to call it SuperHAL) from where you can choose the OS to boot. (AROS, Linux, AmigaOS for example) (in the past i called it supervizor and payload.

A big Thank you to all involved in all camps!

Regarding AMC...
: ) Fabio is working a lot and it will impress.
Did you know that AROS has now SAMBA support? It was a requested feature for AMC in the past... now we can include this.

AMC 2.0 teaser MorphOS

I am really excited : )

BTW.. AMC 2.0 will be free for customers of AMC1.x - so no reason to wait ; )

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