JIT-enabled Odyssey 1.16.1 Released for AROS

Date 12-Apr-2012 16:56:05
Topic: software AROS

We are happy to annouce that the first update to Odyssey Web Browser for AROS is available. The major feature introduced in this update is JavaScript Just-In-Time compilation which enhances the performance and usability of the browser! Don't miss out on this update!


Full change list:

- enabled JavaScript JIT engine -> from 300% to 1000% score increase in JavaScript benchmarks
- enabled IconDatabase (web site icons presentation)
- fixed transfer animation images and web site icons rendering
- using latest Cairo 1.12.0 for rendering
- enabled SVG image processing filters

The binaries can be downloaded from here. This version is also available in the Icaros 1.4.1 released yestarday.

Note: The update requires new pixman.library. It is suggested that you update your distribution to latest version first.

I would again like to thank Fab for making the sources available and various people for coding and testing help!

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