Jack 3.1 - AmigaOS4, AROS, MorphOS and Classic

Date 15-Apr-2012 23:12:25
Topic: Amigaworld.net News

Jack 3.1 is now available for immediate download for all Amiga-like operating systems. Non-AmigaOS 4 users should read the notes outlined below.

For the time-being Jack can only be downloaded from OS4Depot.net.

SO WHAT'S NEW? (click on Read More to find out)

* Comprehensive Download Manager in the App-Store
* Added support for AROS, Classic and MorphOS computers into the Community Statistics panel and elsewhere
* App-Store Donation Database: Download applications and then donate directly to the developer (SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!)
* Improved general caching within the AppStore and increased archive name recognition database
* Platform-indepency and removal of all (most) third-party tools and applications including Curl/Wget
* From now on all URLs are called via the OpenURL suite
* Watermarks fixed in single-image mode
* All fonts are now anti-aliased
* Many more numerous bug fixes and optimisations
* For full list of changes and bug fixes, read the .readme or the documentation included

AROS: (status: Release Candidate)

* Installation Problem: Will extract to the current directory and not to the chosen destination drawer, AROS gurus must fix this for me.
* Optical media is not picked up in the filemanager
* Mouse pointers have been temporarily disabled

Classic Amiga OS: (status: BETA/untested)

* Completely untested, assuming it even loads some features maybe broken or missing.
* Likely installation problem as AROS

MorphOS: (status: BETA/Untested)

* Completely untested, assuming it even loads some features maybe broken or missing. I do intend to get my hands on a MorphOS machine to bring up to the same level as enjoyed by AmigaOS4 users.

IN ALL CASES please subscribe to the Jack Beta Mailing List, send all your bug reports, feedback, suggestions etc... especially non-AmigaOS4 users.

jack_beta@freelists.org - ensure you write the word 'subscribe' (without quotes) in the subject of your email.

Thank you, I hope you continue to enjoy Jack for... everyone!

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