APC&TCP: DigiBoosterPro - DigiRoller 1.1 released

Date 19-Apr-2012 17:55:05
Topic: Software News

DigiRoller is a standalone replayer for DigiBooster Pro 2.x and DigiBooster 3 music modules. Version 1.1 contains the latest replayer engine featuring AHI-independent DSP echo effect. It is backward compatible with old echo ("V", "W", "X", "Y" and "Z" commands are fully supported), but the effect is processed inside the engine, so it is always active. Echo in AHI may be safely turned off. Additional feature of the new echo (which will be used in DigiBooster 3) is a new echo mode (command "V2"), where each track can have independent echo parameters.


Another new feature is phase assisted stereo panoraming. Positioning instruments with not only amplitude, but also small phase shifts improves the music experience.

DigiRoller 1.1 includes other improvements in the replayer as well:
working sample offsets (commands "9" and "E7") and fixes to "B" and "D" commands.

DigiRoller is a free program and may be downloaded from the DigiBooster site http://www.digiboosterpro.de

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