New version of SabreMSN

Date 22-Apr-2012 18:04:32
Topic: software OS4

OnyxSoft has recently released a new version of Jahc's MSN chat client SabreMSN with the following changes:

- Fixed a number of memory leaks, especially one continuous leak.
- Added a status icon for oneself to make it easier to see what status I have.
- Made a setting to use or not the status icons for those who think they are
- Improved the auto-Idle timeout such that it only sets you idle if you are
truly idle and not using mouse or keyboard for 10 minutes. Also unidle
automatically when sending a message.
- Made the height of the chat input text box adjustable.
- Put the button bar into a virtualgroup to let you scale down the window.
- Made the Quit requester look a bit nicer and accept keys.

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