Changes to the AmigaWorld.NET IRC Network

Date 26-Apr-2012 18:48:42
Topic: News

Hello everybody,

Due to a server crash on one of the AmigaWorld.NET IRC servers we've been without channel services such as NickServ and ChanServ for a good while now.

Attempts have been made to retrieve the old database but they have so far been unsuccessful and we've decided to move ahead with a new and fresh nick and channel database, instead of waiting any longer.

Unfortunately this means that even if you have previously registered your IRC nick or channel, you'll have to do so again.

At the moment both the old and the new network are running in parallel. To visit the new network, you need to go to port 5555 on, while the old network is still listening on the default (6667) port.

I'd like to ask everyone that has a registered nickname to go to port 5555 and register with NickServ there, and any channels with ChanServ. Be aware that to add users to ChanServ they need to be already registered with NickServ.

On May 1st, I will change the default port to go to the new network, and we'll migrate over there, and turn off the old network.

We will try to keep downtime off the IRC services to a minimum during these changes, we appreciate your patience.

EDIT: The change has been performed on the AmigaWorld.NET main server and the SE server, I'm waiting for the change on the NO (Polarboing) server, hopefully that will happen soon, until then, use port 5555 or SE/ port 6667

Kind regards,

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