X500 PLUS - A500 inspired case ready for pre-orders (UPDATED)

Date 4-May-2012 0:28:34
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Hi everyone,

Presenting the X500 PLUS, a tribute to the computers of the '80s and 90s and the legendary A500.

Supports powerful x86 boards (mini-itx and flex-atx boards).
Build and customise your own retro but powerful and modern wedge shaped machine running AROS, Windows, Linux, WinUAE, build your Natami machine.

Supports the SAM boards by ACube running OS4. SAM 440, 440 flex and 460.

Some limitations: being only 58mm high you’ll need to use processors heatsinks that fit (my Intel i3 came with the right low profile heatsink for example).

There is no need to do anything with the SAMs obviously, maybe just file the I/O panel a bit.

You’ll be using a picoPSU (of your choice and they come in 80, 90, 120, 150 and 160W) so power is at a premium and also you need to consider heat generated.

The X500 PLUS shown in the video has:
Intel i3 cpu running at 2.5GHz
8GB DDR3 RAM (16GB supported
HDMI ports
x16 PCI-Express slot
, here I have connected an ATI Radeon HD 6570 2GB graphics card. This is one of the most powerful low profile cards you can get and it does get hot but it runs games such as Mass Effect 3 really well. My set up also has a 150W picoPSU with external 150W brick. See video.
The X500 PLUS has one low profile expansion slot. Length and thickness (no dual slot) limit of the card applies, the ATI HD 6570 2GB above is 170mm long for example and it fits nicely.

Full size, easy to find, standard keyboard.

It’s quite a good one, chiclet keyboard and it comes in white or black.
Model: Emprex 6310U keyboard and I can only find them with the U.K. layout so if you want you can buy the case without the keyboard and get your localised version yourself.

The adhesives for the Amiga keys “A” are available from ACube, amigakit and others. They should fit nicely over the rounded Windows logos.

Space for a slim DVD-RW/Blu-Ray
3.5” multi card reader
Two to three 2.5” Hard Disk or Solid State Drives
(I recommend the SSDs as they have no moving parts, they are faster, silent and don’t generate heat).

Fractal Design silent 40mm fan, like the one in the video or Scythe silent 40mm.

A black version will be available.

A minimum of 50 orders is necessary to go ahead, the case is made of lots of parts so I will be assembling them one by one…so please be patient.

You will have to use your best pc building skills to make it nice and tidy inside, routing cables the proper way and allow good airflow, I’ll see if I can provide cable ties.

Crank the volume right up and select HD...



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Note: Link to new video updated 5/6/2012 2030 GMT

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