New Stuff, New Fun. Part 3.

Date 7-May-2012 17:15:29
Topic: software OS4

To continue the way of releasing ports at one push, there is a new bunch of them for OS4 on which I works lately. In that bunch there are native apps, and cross-platfoms games and developer's libs. Check this out:



1. Legend of Edgar.

On OS4depot we have some old (0.55) version, and differences between new one are:
-- latest vesion (1.01) with a lot of changed and fixes
-- All the SDL_HWSURFACE changed on the SDL_SWSURFACE , that can bring some speedup for slow machines
-- Some ugly, but still fix, to make game works and save the data all the time.


screen1 fullsize
screen2 fullsize
screen3 fullsize

music, sounds, full-screen / window modes and so on.

Download OS4 version here

2. Open Jazz.

That is free and open source version of the old , PC/DOS game called Jazz Jackrabbit. Its kind of interpetater, so can handle those games:

Jazz Jackrabbit
Jazz Jackrabbit CD
Jazz Jackrabbit Shareware Edition
Jazz Jackrabbit Christmas Edition
Jazz Jackrabbit: Holiday Hare 1995

You just unpack aos4 exe to the directory which contain the files from your game, and dbl-click on.


screen1 fullsize
screen2 fullsize
screen3 fullsize
screen4 fullsize

Download os4 version here

3. CarWorld.

That one can be even called as "crap game", and more of it, it's not the game at all, just some initial attempts, but what the purposes of releasing this: game are based on opengl, and while its very simply one, it can be good speed test of actual speed of different opengl/minigl drivers. It has some FPS counter by default right at top (see screen), so it will be interesting to tests it with WaZp3D on x1000 / sam460, and on real warp3d/radeons on older HW like peg2/sam440/a1/etc. Its even can be not bad tests in whole between all platforms : primitive and simply, where impossible to bring a lot of strange sidebacks which will play role with final result.


fullsize screen

Download os4 version here

PS. By default camera suck, and show you only wheels, so by "F2" choice the good visual.

Amiga Native

At this time its 2 mui apps from AROS.

1. MuiUnarc.

That one are done specially for AROS from scratch , by Mazze, and called "MuiUnarc". Its a bit simpler in compare with reaction based unarc which we have on os4 by default, but for some MUI fans it can be nice to have a choice as well. Screen:

fullsize screen

Download aos4 version here

2. MuiBuilder.

That one are app from old os3.x days, initially done by Eric Totel and lately author open the sources and its going to sourceforge. Then, we all make an os related changes in it (me for os4, polluks for mos, and mazze for aros) and in end have it kind of cross-platform. In os4 version not everything done currently (missing muibuilder.library, so some functionalyty disabled because of that), but still, you can use it and play with it already. Screens:

screen1 fullsize
screen2 fullsize
screen3 fullsize

Download aos4 version here

Developers libs

1. libmodplug.

That is the new version of popular library, which is necessary, as old one (which are on os4depot) have some critical bugs which , for example, prevent OpenJazz game to have sounds at all (there was errors with S3M handling). Lately it was fixed, and so, new one are must.

The new version are, from 7 august 2011, and you can download os4 version here. Newlib static build only, no clib2, no .so.

2. libconfig

Libconfig is a simple library for processing structured configuration files, like this one: test.cfg. This file format is more compact and more readable than XML. And unlike XML, it is type-aware, so it is not necessary to do string parsing in application code.

Libconfig is very compact a fraction of the size of the expat XML parser library. This makes it well-suited for memory-constrained systems like handheld devices.

The library includes bindings for both the C and C++ languages. It works on POSIX-compliant UNIX systems (GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD) and Windows (2000, XP and later).

The version are last one at the moment (1.4.8), and you can get aos4 version of it here. Newlib build only, no clib2, no .so.


That all for today, and as usuall you are welcome to make a donation for all that porting work. Sometime its pretty boring and time consuming to port the stuff, while some can think that its easy, still, time is main factor which none of us have, and spending a lot of time on all of this not very funny :) So, by donations you at least hold the motivation.

You can make a donation it by pressing here, or directly on As usuall i will post list of donars in topic.

Currently all the files placed on some hosting which kindly give me MikeS, but soon will upload them on os4depot as well.

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