New version of SAM460 audio driver released!

Date 17-May-2012 14:37:51
Topic: hardware OS4

A new version of the SAM460 audio driver has been uploaded to OS4 Depot.

The new version is 6.3

This is a release version with the following improvements:

- Initialisation/Reboot problem fixed

- Larger playback buffer

Continuing the good news, an updated version of the OS4 Mixer with SAM460 support will also be released shortly!

Once again thank you to everyone for their patience and many thanks to the following people for their patience and assistance:

Massimiliano Tretene (ACube)
Andrea Palmatè

Please note that while the new driver is available in the OS4Depot uploads queue, it may take a few days to replace the old driver on the main download page.

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