SketchBlock 1.5^H^H^H1.6 Released

Date 18-May-2012 18:32:08
Topic: software OS4

Just shortly after uploading SketchBlock 1.5 to OS4Depot a critical bug was found if I window was rendered too whilst ofscreen so now I'm proud to announce....

SketchBlock 1.6

This new release is packed with new features.

  • Smudgetool

  • More Layer manipulation commands

  • More Project Commands

  • Custom mouse pointers

  • New wedges (Scale Layer / Move layer / Copy Layer)

  • System Clipboard support

  • More preference options

  • Gadget Help

  • Extended Undo / Redo system

  • Support for calling scripts via DOS as well as ARexx, an hence python and perl based scripts

  • Improved Documentation

  • Full documentation at

    Download from (Please ensure that you download 1.6, check upload queue if os4depot still shows 1.5)

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