A new library being developed by RNS-electronics!

Date 22-May-2012 1:07:35
Topic: software Classic

Maybe some of you have heard of new software company RNS-electronics which is focused on Amiga line of computers. Let's say about recent activity of this software company:


Nowadays programmers need software solutions like libraries that cover a lot of work on programs, tools, utilities, and applications. These libraries are priceless if it comes to time saving. Also unknown areas of computer science can be covered for us.

I'm proud to announce that new library is being developed for AmigaOS and it's designed to write new games. It is developed on Classic Amiga with AmigaOS3.1 and AGA chipset and for now it will use hardware accelleration of classics, but shall be open for newer versions of OS as well. It is written in C and the name of it is GameX.

For now three classes have been written - GxScreen, GxPicture, and GxBob with some demo programs being developed. The support for controllers, keyboard, sounds, music, animation - all this is planned to be introduced in the library.

The URL of homepage of the project is below. It describes the classes and the current revision of source code can be viewed as well:

GameX Studio Website

The goal is to replace the SDL library (especially in 2D games area) and make a library that is designed especially for Amiga and uses its graphics, audio, and CPU power resources efficiently. I'm sure that this can be achieved. The demo should be published in short amount of time.

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