AnimIcon updated to AmigaOS 4

Date 5-Jun-2012 20:57:08
Topic: software OS4

I'm pleased to announce the release of a rejuvenated version of AnimIcon. Something that's been on my todo list for a while now.

AnimIcon was one of my earliest 'proper programs' (although early versions didn't get released to the public) so it had a certain affection for me. But it looked ugly on my modern AmigaOS workbench so it fell into disuse. Apparenty the 68k version is soon to be included in an 68k AROS distribution so this inspired me to dust off the code, and update it for AmigaOS 4.

The code has been cleaned up, and all depricated function have been replaced with the modern equivalents, (CreatePort -> AllocSysObject etc etc) and much of the clib function have been removed and replaced with utility.library calls.

To add a bit more shine I've upgraded the icon code to create 32bit directmapped images, with true transparency, and create a new example (using blender and sketchblock and a bit of ARexx to build the strip anim, I may release the script to do that later.)

Source code has been included for reference purposes, docs can be found here.

Have fun

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