MorphOS 3.0 released

Date 9-Jun-2012 10:42:27
Topic: software MorphOS

The long awaited MorphOS 3.0 with support of selected models of PowerBook G4 laptops has been released today.

The new MorphOS release features also a set of new or updated applications:

  • fresh version of Odyssey web browser,

  • CD/DVD authoring application Jalapeno,

  • CD ripper Flacapella,

  • (S)FTP client Transfer,

  • new PDF viewer,

  • new audio player Jukebox

  • and a bunch of smaller programs.


There are also new, faster 3D drivers for Radeon cards.

Along with all these news, the MorphOS Team decided to reduced prices. MorphOS for PowerBooks is kept at promotional 111.11 euro, while system for all previously supported models costs now 79 euro. There is also special 49 euro price for Efika 5200B registrations.

System update for MorphOS 2.x owners is free of charge. Also a free 30 minutes demo is available as usual. The detailed list of changes and new features can be found here.

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