50 days until the 2012 Commodore Vegas Expo

Date 10-Jun-2012 1:26:42
Topic: Events

The 2012 Commodore Vegas Expo v8, a.k.a. CommVEx, is coming July 28-29 to the Las Vegas Club Hotel, 18 Fremont St., Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.. Once again we are looking forward to a good show with an international group of attendees enjoying the Commodores and Amiga computers that will be exhibited. Members of the Fresno Commodore User Group, Clark County Commodore Computer Club (of Las Vegas), the Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network, and the Portland Commodore User Group (PDXCUG.org) will be swarming in.


For more information, go to



http://www.commodore.ca/forum and click on ComVEX

We'll have a number of raffle prizes, everybody has a chance for door prizes, we'll have a sales table, and there is the freebie table. We'll have the games competition for cash and more. And we'll be busy with presentations of old and new software and old and new hardware. That's right... new hardware which will be premiering at the show.

If our event is not enough to whet your show appetite, you can also wander off to Def Con ( http://www.defcon.org ) and get into really subversive hacking or to RollerCon
( http://www.rollercon.net ) and attend classes and watch the roller girls race around the track.

See you at CommVEx!

On the train to Stockton,
Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group

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