Big camd update for OS4 users

Date 11-Jun-2012 16:31:26
Topic: software OS4

CAMD.library has been ported to a fully native OS4 library. Along with it's release comes a revised set of tools, an updated USB MIDI driver, a MIDI file player, and a beta release of SoftSyn, a software MIDI synthesizer, allowing Amigans to play MIDI without an external synthesizer.

Existing CAMD users are encouraged to update everything, and new users can try it out with SoftSyn too.

The new library is just 60% the size of the last release, and the USB driver has been tweaked for speed again.

All of the tools have had a code rewrite, mostly to remove any Reaction macros and old variable types. Many have had functional improvements:
In addition to being a regular "patch cord", MidiThru now offers note transposition, channel filtering and rotation, and event filtering.
ProChange has been replaced with Pick_ins, and now supports complete instrument lists using industry standard ".ins" formatted lists.
The shell tool "MidiWatch" now supports ALL midi messages, and it has a new graphic partner called "MidiActive" that shows note and program change activity in a much more attractive format.
The "ShowKeys" keyboard display is now expanded to a full 88 key width.
And we finally have an interactive Mixer.. "CamdMixer", which has user selectable number of tracks and track labels.

A Midi file player is included, which includes song and time display, tempo and time signature. This also supports remote control of the transport controls by MIDI.

And finally, a beta software synthesizer. It's not yet a finished work, but it has been a lot of fun to play with and I wanted to include it in the package.

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