WordNet 3.4 released

Date 13-Jun-2012 10:49:44
Topic: software OS4

Daniel "Trixie" Jedlicka has released a new version of the popular electronic dictionary WordNet. Developed at the Cognitive Science Laboratory, Princeton University, it contains more than 155 thousand words and phrases that are semantically tagged and interlinked to form an intricate, hierarchical network of word meanings. This network can be walked through using a comfortable, OS4-native browser.

Feature in this release:

- NEW: WordNet can now operate in two different user modes. The default "Learner" mode only displays sense overviews, providing an easier and faster access to word meanings. When in this mode, WordNet looks and works like a traditional electronic dictionary. The more advanced "Linguist" mode shows all possible linguistic information about the searched words.

- NEW: The Preferences window now replaces the original Settings menu.

- NEW: Pop-up gadget and menu in the window bar (OS4.1 Update 3 required).

- NEW: WordNet can now be pushed to any currently opened public screen using the jump-to-screen feature (OS4.1 Update 3 required), accessible from the pop-up menu.

- UPDATE: The program no longer relies on an external viewer (such as MultiView) to display its help file. Online help is now provided using AmigaGuide Library.

- UPDATE: Optimized GUI initialization: the program now starts up a bit faster.

- UPDATE: Major code overhaul with numerous little fixes and optimizations.

Download from OS4depot.net.

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