Sam460ex_setup released

Date 13-Jun-2012 17:05:55
Topic: software OS4

A little utility to optimize performance on your Sam460ex board.

What it does:

* enables Store Gathering in CCR0 register.
This new setting doubles write speed to a PCI Express graphic card (up to 320 MB/s
on a Radeon X1950 and up to 300 MB/s on a Radeon HD 4650 PCI-E card) and
increase 50% write speed to a PCI card.
Ragemem and Gfxbench2D will show higher values for CPU (not DMA) initiated
data transfers.

How to use:

* add the utility to WBStartup with Prefs/WBStartup, or put it in S:user-startup
if you need to specify arguments

* if run from the shell, it accept the following arguments:
VERBOSE to show some informations


* This utility may be obsolete with a future AOS4.1 kernel update.


13-Jun-2012 - Version 1.0
first release.

You can download it from OS4Depot now!

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