Icons Reworked 2012 Final Edition

Date 16-Jun-2012 18:54:32
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Icons Reworked 2

I present here one of my projects which I'd like to share with you.
AmigaOS4.1 is a very smart and successful operating system. The icons are visually beautiful. Unfortunately this does not apply sometimes with Third Party Software. Often the icons are very old, ugly, and just do not look up to date. This fact can not be changed, except you do it yourself. Exactly what I've done is to create over 80 Icon sets.

Download: http://os4depot.net/?function=showfile&file=graphics/icon/iconsreworked_2012.lha


As software I used Gimp, PNGConverter, and IconEditor on the AmigaOneX1000.

Since I am not a graphic designer and I have two left hands for this, I had to solve the problem differently. I've searched the graphics and then edited it together.

Icons from AudioEvolution4, ProTracker, CubeBM, and def_icons I have designed myself. In the other sets I've entered only modern icons and usually processes the main icon.

Therefore, there are one or another icon where the idea is certainly not new. The icon sets which I have created you will only need to copy the .info files to your original folder. For this you can use DOPUS. I request every developer from the respective programs to take this into your download archives.

New are the graphics drawer and the def_icons drawer. Determined you know the def_icons from the Prefs / ENV / SYS folder of your OS4.1 partition. Many icons already there are now boring and ugly, it is a very messy drawer. That's why I designed the new def_icons.

Never copy these icons with DOPUS over your original def_icons!!!
Use for this the copyicon44 tool, you will find under the important folder.

In the graphics drawer you will find a few graphics, so you can make yourself very quickly a few icons.

The whole thing is very time consuming. Sometimes I sit here with the idea of an icon to a satisfactory result taking 2 hours to finish it. Anyone who feels called can contribute to this project.

ToDo: Create more iconsets

To see all icons, you must install LIBS/IconModules/png.iconmodule and reset then your Amiga.

Here is the link,where you get the png.iconmodule:

Big Thanks goes to Martin Merz "mason", Frank Ruthe "cha05e90", and Massimo Tantignone "ZeroG" for his scripts which make my life easier.

V.1.2 Final Release
- Add new Iconsets like complete sets from AWeb, Scout, 1941Deluxe etc.
- Add new def_icons
- Add new flag icons
- I have done some bug fixing :)#

Is this the end? I think not. IconsReworked 3 will come, however not this year....... When it`s done ;)

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