AROS Broadway for Raspberry Pi is back

Date 19-Jun-2012 20:49:54
Topic: software AROS

I have am uploading right now the WIP sd-card image for raspberry Pi again.

Username: pi
Password: raspberry

To start AROS Broadway just type "startx"


Since I cannot run it native (no Pi owner) and Qemu isn't really fast it doesn't autologin yet. So I can work from cli.

If you like I can let it autologin and boot straight to AROS.

Roadmap for Pi:
Initial release with lx command (launch linux apps from AROS side) - done
Change installed apps - will happen next moth including a upgrade to debian wheezy

Merge with Efika Version except for ax* and axcore*, included will be automount of removable media.

Roadmap for x86:
Beta test begins from 9th of july.
Underlying OS will be changed.

You can get it from here:

If someone is really interested in a SD-card.. I would make and send you one for free if you buy an AMC license (you are free to install it on 3 machines). Did you know that AMC 2012 will be available as ARM version too ; )

Stephens video showing Broadway X on his Pi

PS: Uploading is still ongoing... in at least 2 hours it should be ready.

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